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case study Hammersmith & Fulham Responsive Redesign with Drupal 7

We built a new, responsive Drupal 7 site and helped the LBHF editorial team migrate away from their legacy Tridion CMS.

The editorial team at the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham is the driving force behind the council's website. Journalists, photographers and videographers gather and produce news round the clock while editors publish news and service-oriented content for the general public.

The editors who make up the team are the kind of professionals you'd expect to find in a print news room: passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving their audience.

After having wrestled with their old CMS for more than a decade, the team decided change was in order. The public facing site had become a rigid and rather unappealing relic of another era, while the non-web based administration interface was more of a hindrance than a sharp tool to get work done.

Contentive designed the new site, SwiftCircle built the platform from the ground up, and Code Enigma provides hosting on their managed infrastructure.

First a core team at LBHF discussed for months how they should reorganise all the content and how the public would benefit most from a new website. Armed ...

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